Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pin that 'School Board'!

There are generally 2 school terms in my country.  The first term starts in January with a one month holiday break in June and thereafter the second term starts in July.  Well, school term definitely differs between countries.

A "Back to School" theme came across in the Lori Whitlock Link up Party blog and here's me giving it a shot at it =)

Front view of the Pin Board

I used Lori Whitlock's 5x7 rectangle frame to set the cork board. All papers used here are from Lori Whitlock's "We Are Family" and "Fine and Dandy" series.

Back view of the Pin Board
At the back of the Pin Board, I've added more notes and a pocket tag to the back of the Pin Board.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Showing Shadow Box

I bought 2 shadow boxes out of impulse sometime ago and I was quite at a lost at how to use them, partly because I've only tried simple altering on small boxes.
The opportunity came for me (to use the shadow box) when I was thinking of getting a gift for a friend and his lovely family for showing their warm hospitality when we visit their country.
I would like to show you guys the shadow box that I've altered with Kaiser Craft papers.  
Simple misting to the background of the layout
Laying out the cut out transparency sheet to get an overview.
The transparency sheet was stick on the back of the shadow box glass cover

This is the end result of the shadow box!
(Note:  The empty white paper would be where we would paste our friend's family photo)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Engrossed in Embossing

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you these 2 layouts (for a colleague leaving office) that I have done.

After laying out the cut out patterned flowers, the initial background of the layouts still seems pretty empty...and I didn't want to add anymore flowers so I decided to emboss butterflies on the background.
I started with embossing a couple of small butterflies on the background and as the effect was quite all right, I just continued embossing bigger butterflies and added them to the layouts.
Matching layouts when you put them side by side
Working with Embossing powder:
I am not sure about you guys but one thing I've experienced about embossing is that if you use stamps with intricate designs and apply glitter embossing powder, the outcome might not turn out that neat as the glitter tends to clutter together.
Glitter embossing powder doesn't seems to work that well on transparency sheet.  I prefer using non-glitter, metallic embossing powder on transparency sheet.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Birthday Blinks!

Just recently, I realized that there are actually some "standard embellishments" that I like adding to the cards and layouts that I make.  They are Blinks, Flowers, Pearls and Lace Ribbons.
Though not in order of preference, I do seems to like adding blinks (regardless the 'amount' of it) most of the time.
This birthday card has all embellishments that I love to use!
What's your favorite embellishments?