Saturday, August 2, 2014

Engrossed in Embossing

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you these 2 layouts (for a colleague leaving office) that I have done.

After laying out the cut out patterned flowers, the initial background of the layouts still seems pretty empty...and I didn't want to add anymore flowers so I decided to emboss butterflies on the background.
I started with embossing a couple of small butterflies on the background and as the effect was quite all right, I just continued embossing bigger butterflies and added them to the layouts.
Matching layouts when you put them side by side
Working with Embossing powder:
I am not sure about you guys but one thing I've experienced about embossing is that if you use stamps with intricate designs and apply glitter embossing powder, the outcome might not turn out that neat as the glitter tends to clutter together.
Glitter embossing powder doesn't seems to work that well on transparency sheet.  I prefer using non-glitter, metallic embossing powder on transparency sheet.